2014 Fargo Star | Week 1 | Garrett Kadrie

  • Name: Garrett Kadrie
  • Hometown: Fargo, ND
  • Age: 17
  • About: I’m a senior in high school and I’ve lived in Fargo my whole life. My two passions are soccer and music. Music has always had a huge impact in my life, which I believe it does with everyone. I was in band from 6th grade up until this year. I started to enjoy singing so I joined choir this year instead. I now have a home studio at my house and I enjoy writing songs and doing covers. I may not be the most experienced singer, but I really hope that one day I can make an impact with music.

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  1. Go Garrett!!!

  2. Great job Garrett!

  3. Good Luck Garrett!!!

  4. Go Garrett!

  5. Awesome job, Garrett!

  6. That is awesome! Go Garrett!!

  7. You will do great !

  8. Fantastic! Go Garrett!!!

  9. Your message…

  10. Sounds polished to us!

  11. Way to go, you sound great. We are all rooting for you.:)

  12. Go Garrett!!!!!!!!

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