Where and when is the live finals?
  • Where: The Venue in Fargo (map)
  • When: March 22nd

How much are tickets for the finals at The Venue in Fargo?

Tickets are sold as general admission for $10 at the door.

What time does the finals start at?

Doors to The Venue will open at 5:00pm. Performances start at 6:00pm.

I want to audition, when do I need to send in my video by?

Entries will be taken through January 17th, 2014

Where should I upload my audition video?

Almost any video sharing service will work. We’ve seen the best results in the past with YouTube and Vimeo.

Any tips for making a great Fargo Star video?

This is a singing contest. Quality audio beats a flashy video. If you have the means, use an external microphone instead of the one built into your camera.

I don’t have a camera. Can I still participate?

Stop in for one of our four in-studio recording sessions! Email features editor Heidi Shaffer at hshaffer@forumcomm.com to set up an appointment.

  • January 6th – The Forum (map)
  • January 8th – The Forum (map)
  • January 14th – The Forum (map)
  • January 16th – The Forum (map)

Ok, my video is submitted. How does voting work?

Once we’ve received all submissions, we’ll randomly break them into 3 groups. Each group will be prominently featured on Inforum.com and here on the Fargo Star blog.

  • Group 1: Jan. 27
  • Group 2: Feb. 03
  • Group 3: Feb. 10
  • Group 4: Feb. 17

During this point people may vote for their favorites. The top 2 from each group automatically move on to the finals at The Venue. The remaining contestants’ videos will get a second chance at the finals in Round 4, in which the top four advance.

  • Group 4: Feb. 10-14

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